AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko
AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko
AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko
AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko
AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko
AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko
AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko
AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko
AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko
AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200) - Zikko

AirStation S Faster Wireless Charger (AS200)

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  • Qi Genuine Certification

  • USB-C input interface

  • Portable

  • Three Coils

  • Multiple protections

  • Overcurrent protector


Discarding wire Quick charging

Quick charging! AirStation S is the intelligent quick wireless charging product. It is designed with 3 coins with bigger sensing area to provide the wireless charging experience with 5W-10W high power. With flexible placing modes such as vertical, horizontal, transverse and longitudinal, it provides the convenience of “wireless” with reliable performance.


AirStation S
Faster Wireless Charger

Placing modes such as vertical, horizontal, transverse and longitudinal

  • Qi Certification • Smart Power Selection • Multiple Self Protections
  • Three Coils • Free Placement

Hardware features

Three coils ∙ free placing for charging

It is designed with 3 coils, and features larger induction area, stable charge without dead angle.It is more free compared with the double-coil charging, and doesn‘t have blind area, allows to put freely. Low wireless charging frequency, built-in magnetic spacer, It adopts close magnetic field without radiation, and is eco-friendly without radiation and harm to human body.

Hardware features

3-level mode with intelligent matching

It is designed with 3-level mode, and is compatible with Qi wireless charging standard, It supports common 5W, and Apple 7.5W quick wireless charging, It supports Samsung 10W quick wireless charging Intelligent identification of charging device for extremely quick wireless charging Automatic matching, without damage to device, and enjoying quick charging when putting on it.

Hardware features

USB-C input interface

USB-C input interface, input supports common 5V, QC9V and PD5V adapter input .It supports common adapters in the market, and is more flexible with different voltage input.

Hardware features

Charging with housing ∙ portable

AirStation Power is designed with wireless charging without take out the phone housing,Free placing for charging. Sensitive induction, charging without removing phone housing, induction distance ≤8mm.Enjoy the portability of AirStation Power.


Hidden support convenient use

AirStation Power is equipped with metal support, and is solid and durable, It is capable of supporting one 12" iPad Pro The silicone foot pad is solid for preventing shaking with stable performance due to its anti-skid design.It can be hidden in the product it is not necessary to use the support with people-oriented design.

Appearance function

Placing vertically and horizontally

Multi-application scenes, all-round charging, free angle, It is designed with hidden support, and the charging mode can be changed at any time according to requirements.It is designed with support, and allows to putting devices horizontally and vertically with free charging.

Safety protection

Low temperature in the whole process intelligent temperature control

Designing with heat dissipation hole, quick heat dissipation without accumulation The phone won't become hot, it doesn't hurt the phone with safer performance .

Safety protection

Intelligent identification metallic foreign object

It only supports charging the mobile phone, and can automatically cut off power supply when intelligently identify other metallic foreign objects,With potential safety hazard, it won't cause heating and waste electricity fee, and is reliable for charging.

Safety protection

Preventing overcharge it keeps standby after full charging

Intelligently preventing overcharging, protecting the battery life, the device may automatically enter low power consumption standby state after charging full for preventing overcharging, thus prolonging the service life of the mobile phone,Safe and reliable charging.

Safety protection

Intelligent protection safe assurance

Multiple circuits protection with high safety, reliable for charging at every moment.

Appearance function

Quality and eco-friendly material

Adopting ultra-durable quality ABS resin which is chemical corrosion resistant and heat resistant.Surface is treated with sunburn texture, the rear side adopts anti-skid and wear resistant foot pad.

Appearance function

Clear keys ∙ fashionable and energy-saving

AirStation S quick charging, red indicator turns ON when connecting power supply, and green indicator turns ON during charging, Red indicator flashes quickly under abnormal status, which is clear to ensure safe charging.

Appearance performance

Vertical charging charging when you are watching video

Ideal wireless charging, it is designed with vertical support, You may freely charge your device and watch movie with horizontal screen or chat with vertical screen.

Safety certification

Qi Genuine Certification Safety certification

Qi is the world's first standardization organization which promotes the wireless charging technologies,International Wireless Power Consortium.The product has passed Qi, CE, FCC, Rohs international quality certifications.


Parameter Specification

Product model :AS200
Colors: black /white
Material: ABS + iron
Process: ABS surface sunburn texture, iron sheet, coated
Charging interface:USB-C
USB-C input:5V- 3A /9V -1.67A
Wireless output current:5V 1A /9V 1.2A
Wireless output power:5W/7.5W/10W
Charging distance:2-8MM
Product size:141*73*13 mm
Working temperature:0~40


This is, AirStation Power Wireless Portable Power Stand

Packaging Box x1, Mobile Power Quick Wireless Charger x1, Data Cable x1, Specifications x1