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Since the beginning of history

You have never seen before

Worldwide travel adaptor 


Worldwide Travel Smart Adaptor USB 42W

eLUGGAGE X Worldwide Travel Adaptor combines the aesthetics of fashion with the advanced technology to make your trip wonderful. One of them is the BS 8546 safety certification of the world's first worldwide travel adaptor, which is praised as the safe worldwide travel adaptor with high power of eLUGGAGE.In addition, it is provided with the USB multi-port smart fast charging chip, up to 2500W transfer power and up to 10A current safety protection automatic restoration function, it is applicable for charging your portable digital devices, air blower and induction cooker, and is suitable in more than 150 countries.



Super power converter

From the use of refined copper to circuits with grounding, all of them are carefully customized. For both the mobile phone and computer, or the induction cooker or air blower that requires high power, it will not heat up and can work safely.


The material is also outstanding.

The material is also outstanding. The most solid and durable pin of eLUGGAGE with excellent electrical conductivity since it is made of refined copper plated with nickel. Adopting the housing materials of highest fire protection grade with insulating performance, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance and drop resistance.


It is designed with high power for household use

eLUGGAGE X Worldwide Travel Smart Adaptor adopts the retractable structure, The European socket can be used in combination with the travel adaptor, or it can be taken out and used separately. Therefore, the product has wider application. The travel adaptor has a maximum power of 2500W, The maximum power when the European socket is used independently reaches 4000W Suitable for home appliances such as: digital products,air blower, irons, induction cooker, computer, etc.



USB-C PD30W Extremely quick charging

USB-C port is capable of realizing 30W PD extremely quick charging. It is also compatible with QC quick charging 18W, With PD quick charging, you will never be worried about the endurance, For both MacBook series and iPhone, It is quick and safe, being fast and smart.

USB-C quick charging supports iPhone 8/plus/X/XR/XS /XS Max /MacBook series / iPad Pro and so on, Android mobile phone series, and realizing 30W PD extremely quick charging


It's great for charging for MacBook. 

It can be fast charge PD 30w for Laptop. You wont worry about running out of power if you have a eLUGGAGE travel adapter.No matter MacBook, iPhone or iPad Pro, it can be charging fast and safe.

Performance Comparison

iPhone X charging mode power percentage change curve



USB-C quick charging device summary

Compatibility of PD quick charging It is also compatible with QC quick charging



Not glaring power indicator with white and mild light

The elaborately selected low-temperature mild white LED indicator can clearly indicate its working status without glaring when using eLUGGAGE at night.

Indicator keeps ON: it indicates that the product is working normally.

Indicator is OFF: it indicates overload or power failure.

The change-over plug is applicable to more than 150 countries


Appearance function

Four kinds of plugs universal all around the world

It is provided with the unique (two pins are flat and one pin is round), (splayed), (triangular flat), (two pins are round) three pin plug is the international standard, two pins are for power supply and the other pin is for grounding, it features higher safety with the integration of four specifications, which meets the charging standards of different countries.


Standard European standard Standard grounding design

Maximum power when the European socket is used independently reaches 4000W 16 A (Max)

Support wide voltage 100V~250V


International Safety Certification

BS 8546 2016

IEC 60884-2-5 2017

Appearance function

Various jacks integrated functions

It has the plug and jack of specifications of different countries, therefore, it is applicable to charging for various digital devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, notebooks and digital cameras of a variety of countries

Wide Voltage Range

Wide voltage ∙ borderless input

Adopting AC100-240V wide voltage input, it breaks the restraint of voltage to remove your trouble of charging during travel. Combining high frequency wave output, it meets the demands of charging when travelling in different countries.

Hardware features

With smart identification function

Now you can charge your iPhone, iPad, portable WiFi, power bank, etc. simultaneously with eLUGGAGE which is provided with 2 USB ports and a USB-C PD 30W Quick Charging. The smart current solution will charge your portable digital devices as needed, and it is fast and safe, in addition to convenience.

Circuit that never burns out

Reset button

Zikko worldwide smart travel adaptor is provided with reset button.

Similar to the household electric switch, it will be disconnected for self-protection if the power or current exceeds the upper limit.

After protection, press the reset button to resume use.

Hardware features

Multi-circuit protection system

Short-circuit protection: the charger can automatically disconnect power supply under short

circuit. After the short-circuit is released, it can automatically recover normal use

Short circuit, overcurrent, over-voltage and automatic protection

Safe and considerate protection makes you feel at ease all the time


It is so unique

ELUGGAGE is unique because it is designed with the combination of every concept of safe use. It is designed strictly complying with the power certification standards of different countries, it is applicable to more than 150 countries, among which, the honor of the world's first BS 8546 safety certification for worldwide travel adaptor regulations is the guarantee for the safe performance of eLUGGAGE.To the built-in up to 10A current safety protection automatic recovery function, and then to the child safety protection door, its uniqueness is shown from every detail.


safety protection

Children safety protector

The jack is provided with anti-electric shock separator, and the children safety protector is adopted for protecting the children from electric shock

Safety Certification

International safety certification

The product has passed the safety certifications including CE、BS8546、RoHs、FCC, and provides the safe, stable and durable travel charging socket for using in different countries with multiple protections.



  • Brand : Zikko     • Model : EX300
  • Materials : Electronic green plastic  • Colors : White / grey
  • Four USB port for charging USB devices
  • AC input : 100 250V(50/60Hz)
  • AC output : 10A MAX(1000W/100V ~ 2500W/250V)
  • USB-A output : DC 5V 2.4A 12W(Total)Smart
  • USB-C output : PD 5V 3A 9V~3A 12V~2.5A 15V~2A, 30W
  • QC 3.6-6~3A, 6-9V~2A, 9-12~1.5A, 18W
  • Total output power of USB A+C : 42W MAX
  • Working temperature : 0℃~ 35℃
  • Working humidity : 25% ~ 90%RH
  • Storage temperature : -20℃~ 85℃
  • Storage humidity : 10%~95%RH
  • Elevation : working and storage ≤2000m
  • Size : 74*49.5*60.3mm
  • Weight : 170G


Worldwide Travel Smart Adaptor USB 42W

Packaging box x1, eLUGGAGE x1, instructions x1

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