Wireless Charging Gravity Car Stand (ASC100) - Wireless Charging Gravity Car Stand (ASC100) - Zikko
Wireless Charging Gravity Car Stand (ASC100) - Wireless Charging Gravity Car Stand (ASC100) - Zikko
Wireless Charging Gravity Car Stand (ASC100) - Wireless Charging Gravity Car Stand (ASC100) - Zikko
Wireless Charging Gravity Car Stand (ASC100) - Wireless Charging Gravity Car Stand (ASC100) - Zikko

Wireless Charging Vent Mount (ASC100)

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  • Qi wireless charging

  • Air vent clip

  • 360°Rotating

  • Compatible models

Adjustable gravity air vent cell phone car mount

That's right! Zikko wireless charging car mount, by adjustable gravity principle, the phone can automatically be locked and charged with one hand. With a gentle touch, the phone is easily removed from the stand. Allows you to drive safe while charging your phone. 


Wireless charger, also car phone mount

Wireless charger and car phone mount are combined as one. Power your device on the road without the need for messy cables inside your vehicle.


One-hand operation and Automatic Mount

With unique gravity linkage technology, Easy operation with one hand to set you free from the complicated fix of your cell phone onto mount holder. And easy install the mount on the air vent, press to securely install.



Stable as the Alps, no fear of bumps

Once the mobile phone is placed, it will automatically shrink and lock.

The heavier the tighter. Can be the over-speed belt, sudden braking, bumpy sections.




Zikko adjustable gravity wireless charging car stands with a universal rotating ball structure. With 360 degrees, meet the needs of users at various angles.



Third mode Smart match

Three mode design, compatible with Qi wireless charging standard, Support Android 5W, Apple 7.5W fast wireless charging, Samsung 10W fast wireless charging. Intelligently identify charging devices and enjoy fast wireless charging




Universally holds all phone and case combinations from 4” -6.5'” includes Easy One Touch mount locks and release system.



Compatibility of wireless charge phone


With phone case charging ∙ Portable

You don't have to take out the phone case, just put it with you. Sensitive can be charged with phone case, and the thickness should be less than 8mm. Come and feel the convenience of Zikko.



Easy to install

Stable, not falling off, with flexible rubber, Non-slip, won't hurt the car, properly set into the air vent.



Product model :ASC100

Micro USB input (support QC): 5V / 2A 9V / 1.8A DC

Wireless output: 5V / 1A 9V / 1.12A

DC Output power:5W / 7.5W / 10W

Charging distance:2-8mm

Charging efficiency :72% MAX

Product Weight:96.6g

Dimensions:3115mm X 96mm X 93mm


Zikko wireless car charger mount

Packaging box x1, car mount x1, instructions x1



• Brand : Zikko
• Model : ASC100
• Colors : Black/Grey
• Micro USB input(Support QC) : 5V/2A, 9V/1.8A DC
• Wireless output : 5V/1A, 9V/1.2A DC
• DC Output Power : 5W / 7.5W / 10W
• Coils : One
• Charging distance : 2 - 8 mm
• Charging efficiency :
72% Max
• Working temperature :
0℃~ 60℃
• Storage temperature : -20℃~ 70℃
• Size : 115*96*93mm
• Weight : 96.6 G

Customer Reviews

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I like this one .

Easy to push my iPhone XR on my car Wireless charger.

Easy to install.

I have received this item for 2 days so far. I really enjoyed. Great product very happy with it, looks and feels lovely


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  • How does the wireless charging mount work? Do I need to charge the mount? Is there a cable included?

    Yes, it comes with a cable to charge the mount.