PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power Bank - Zikko
PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power - PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power - Zikko
PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power - PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power - Zikko
PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power - PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power - Zikko
PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power Bank - Zikko
PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power Bank - Zikko
PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power Bank - Zikko
PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power Bank - Zikko
PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power Bank - Zikko
PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power Bank - Zikko

PowerBag Pro 10000 Portable Power Bank

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  • USB-C PD快充,iPhone X充電55%僅需30分鐘

  • 分離式Lightning線,充電與數據傳輸合二為一

  • PD技術輸入輸出USB-C,提供最大42W輸出

  • 可以轉換為傳輸數據,連接你的MacBook與閃存盤和移動硬盤

Amazing PowerBag Pro

Designed for excellent Apple friends

Appearance Design 

A good horse should be equipped with a good saddle

PowerBag Pro, itself the same as iPhone X, is the carry-on device in daily life. With top process and technology, combining the line design which perfectly fits the shape, extending to the graceful round angle, the light and fashionable handbag style is embedded on the hand, which is eye-catching. In the same space, it is built in with the most precise innovative technology, including the high power USB-C PD quick charging system and lossless wire transmission technology. Due to the best methods for charging Apple products, it is praised as the best partner for iPhone fans. 

Simple and natural gesture

Graceful arc, comfortable holding 

With graceful arc, it provides a better feeling when holding it. You may hold the PowerBag Pro and the iPhone with one hand, and then connect the data cable with the other hand for charging, and the battery is displayed after touching the ON/OFF button 

Hold down the button for 3s to switch the data mode, and then hold down for 3s again to recover charging mode If it is not operated within 10s, the indicator will turn off, and then automatically shut down. 

Energy benefit and slim body

Concentrating in small with better performance

The objective of PowerBag Pro is to put various impossibilities into the possibility. With elaborate design, various components are built in the extreme and exquisite PowerBag Pro. It can be used repeatedly after charging full at one time. Every element is optimized for making them better. What it finally displays is not only the power bank, but also the future of power bank. Now, the new generation energy bag still keeps portable and excellent.

Fine process

Graceful nature, craftsman process 

PowerBag Pro adopts the durable and exquisite titanium-aluminium alloy material with sandblasting treatment  

Anodic oxidation process, (white) titanium-aluminium alloy material, baked coating UV process  

CD texture button, the edge is rounded with CNC  

The whole effect is cool due to its super classical colour adoption 


New material 

Fingerprint and water resistant.

The classic combination of obsidian black and piano white is the solute of PowerBag Pro for the past classic combination. The body is waterproof and fingerprint resistant. The whole casing is made of aluminium alloy and plastic, the nature and appearance of PowerBag Pro are eye-catching 

iPhone official MFi certificate

One line, not complicated, extremely fine and ingenious

Separated Lightning cable, charging iPhone and transmitting data with full functionsMicro charging cable, it does not need one more Lightning data cable, and can quickly and directly charge your iPhone or PowerBag

USB-C PD quick charging

It only needs 30 minutes to charge power from 0 to 55%

It achieves 18W PD quick charging for iPhone 8/plus/X 

Cypress chip is the same as the original adapter of iPhone 

With PD quick charging, you need not to worry about the battery endurance 

For both MacBook Pro and iPhone

It is very quick and safe as well as smart. 


Ready at any time, available according to your demands

PowerBag Pro is equipped with 10000mA Li-polymer battery with high safety performance, adopting the latest PD technology quick input-output USB-C interface, it provides high power output which reaches 42W for quickly charging the device, additionally, it also provides 30W input charging, and it only requires one hour and 30 minutes to charge itself full .



Realizing what customers want with super wisdom.

PowerBag Pro possesses precise device identification function and is capable of providing the most suitable charging speed for different devices with accurate and fast performance. Due to its invisible USB output interface /Lightning input interface, and USB-C output input interface, it supports bidirectional PD quick charging with 30W for both input and output, which is 3 times higher than common 10W, LED battery indicator can display the battery at a real time. Complete functions and considerate service 



Reform the data technology with a new look

From now on, PowerBag Pro is your data treasure. With the built-in USB Plus, it can supply power and transmit data, this kind of new mode allows to connect your MacBook with flash disk, mobile hard disk, mouse, keyboard and printer, …… with it, we will not need to take one more USB C adapter since it boasts complete functions

Circuit protection

Intelligent protection, safe guarantee

Cypress protocol chip is the same as the original adapter of iPhone, with polymer battery and multiple circuit protection, it provides higher safe performance, longer service life, excellent self-heal ability, high heat resistance, combustion and explosion resistance


One bag benefits the whole family.

PowerBag Pro is capable of identifying the input requirements of different devices and features most suitable charging place according to the standard requirement of the design with the discharging transfer rate exceeding 90%. It provides 18W PD quick charging for iPhone 8/plus/X and can charge to 55% within 30 minutes, however, it is only 20% for common 5W charger within 30 minutes. Benefiting from such wonderful charging identification technology, your iPhone, MacBook, iPad, AirPods and Watch will be greatly strengthened.



Parameter Specification

Product model:PB10000
Colors: white/black
Battery Type: Lithium polymer battery
Charging Time: About 1.5 - 2 hours (30W PD Adapter)
About 3.5 - 4 hours (2.4A Adapter)
About 8 hours (1A Adapter)
Battery Energy:10000mAh 3.7V (37Wh)
AC input:5V 2A
Output:5V- 2.4A (Intelligent Identification)
USB-C input and output :PD5V - 3A , 9V - 2A , 12V - 2A , 15V - 2A
Working tempuerature:0℃-40℃
Size:134.6 x 72.4 x 19 mm

This is PowerBag Pro

A box of marvellous energy bag

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電池類型: 鋰聚合物電池
容量 3.7VDC/10000mAh
輸入: 5V-2A 直流
輸出: 5V-2.4A
充電時間: 約 1.5-2 小時(30W PD 適配器)
大約 3.5-4 小時(2.4A 適配器)
大約 8 小時 (1A 適配器)
USB C輸入/輸出(支持PD) 5V/3A、9V/2A、12V/2A、15V(14.5V)/2A(最大:30W)DC
工作溫度 0℃~45℃
儲存溫度 -20℃-45℃
尺寸 134.6*72.4*19mm
重量 255克
可用顏色 白色/黑色
電池型號 KPL706090 5000mAh 2PCS




Ask a Question
  • Will this charge my ipad

    It works great for iPad

  • Can I charging this porerbank while charging my phone?

    Yes, you can. Charge it on the type-c port, then you can charge your phone.