How to Charge for Portable Power

1. How to charge for my portable power?

You can charge it by standard USB port of notebook computer or desktop computer, or buy C200 to charge; if you intend to use in your car, you can buy CC520 to charge by cigar lighter.


2. How many times can my portable power be charged?

It can be charged for more than 500 times for common product, and then the capacity of battery will be reduced gradually after it.


3. How long can my portable power be fully charged?

Charging time of different products is various, portable power with small capacity needs less charging time, and the one with large capacity needs more charging time.


4. Is there any portable power which can charge for my mobile phone and my notebook computer at the same time?

Yes. AK9000 is especially designed so that it can be used for equipments with voltage of 5~19V. It can charge two equipments at the same time.


5. Someone says the portable power shall be charged for eight hours or more before using, does it cause any effect for my battery if I don’t do so?

No effect. Our portable power has taken the aging test for 168 hours before leaving factory, and the internal chemical substances are activated fully. We suggest that you shall charge it fully as long as you start to use it.


6. What will happen if I connected my portable power with charger for several days?

It will be no any problem. Our product is equipped with good charging protective device. It will stop charging automatically when it is full to avoid function loss or explosion caused by over-charging. The battery will be very hot when charging, will it damage the battery? No. it is a kind of electric energy transformation when charging, and some electric energy will be consumed to be transferred as thermal energy when taking electric energy transformation.