Travel abroad, support with power

Travel around the world ! Zikko global general travel charging socket is equipped with 4 USB ports and is applicable to 150 countries.

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Projecting a HD highlightning Screen

1080p HD Ultra clear picture quality,Laser + LED hybrid technology

150-inch screen up to 1280*720 resolution

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AirStation Power

Wireless mobile power charger support

Alignment is not required, just putting it freely Arbitrary charging

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Anytime and anywhere, power you.

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The best helper for mobile sales presentations.

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Unique outdoor office charging assistant.

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Improve the efficiency of business technology equipment connection.

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EXPLORE Collections

Excellent smart product, made for iPhone fans

Worldwide Travel Adaptor

AirStand Power

Worldwide Travel Smart Adaptor

PowerBag Pro


AirStand Car

Smart and exquisite product

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