Announcement on Zikko’s Application of New VI

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In order to accurately convey the concept of Zikko and cater to the development orientation of Zikko, the company will officially use the new brand identity system from July 23, 2012. In the new VI system, the brand LOGO of Zikko will pay more attention to the elements such as conciseness, fashion and personality. Supported by the slogan of digital emotion, it will add certain personality, supports and even funs to the experience brought by technology, as well as to the new products to be launched by Zikko.

Anytime and anywhere, ZiKKO will enrich your product experience and enable you to enjoy quality life!
Prompt: if any presswork, etc. of the distributors and retailers involves VI, please update. 
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Zikko (HK) Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
July 23, 2012