About Zikko

At Zikko, we focus on smart intelligent technologies that can learn, predict and anticipate human behavior, providing convenience, joy and benefits to the user.

“Connect Smart” is the vision of Zikko. Through careful observation of the human behavior, continuous innovation to integrate the far-signed and top technology into the exquisite products with fashionable design, and we thrive to bring the best performance and user experience as well as business travel hi-tech products for international travel and business office.

Zikko(HK) Digital Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, and is, committed to the combination and application of wireless charging technology, micro-laser high-definition imaging technology, intelligent data transmission technology and Internet technology to create the series of products such as intelligent worldwide travel wireless charger, mini-laser projector, intelligent memorizer and so on, which have become the stage properties for several films due to its fashionable design. What's important is that these intelligent products are interconnected through the App "ET World" complied by our software team to maximize more and better performances.

In order to provide the good product sales experience, currently, we have established the sales points in cabin of up to 20 global airlines and duty-free retail stores of international airport all around the world.

Development History

  • In 1998, the company was founded.
  • In 2009, strict adoption of ISO9001 Quality Management System 
  • In 2010, Zikko trademark was registered in more than 40 countries and regions such as Hong Kong, China, Europe, etc.
  • In 2010: Zikko brand passed the Apple "Made for iPhone" Qualification Certificate;
  • In 2016: Established strategic cooperation with SK Telecom for the design and development of intelligent mini projector;
  • In 2016: Cooperated with Intel for the development of ThunderBolt 3 data transmission product;
  • In 2017: Zikko products passed the Intel "Thunderbolt 3" Qualification Certificate in the first batch;
  • In 2017: Zikko products passed the WPC (QI) Wireless Power  Consortium Qualification Certificate in the first batch;
  • In 2018, PowerBag awarded the IF 2018 Design Award. 
Contact Information:

Zikko (HK) Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Add:Room 210, 2/F Block A, Ka Fu Close 3, Sheung Shui Plaza, Sheung Shui, N.T. Hong Kong.



关于 Zikko

世界上最強大的科技,就是知人所想,给生活带来便捷,乐趣,并从中受益。 “连接所想”是 Zikko公司的愿景。我们通过洞察人们生活中微妙的变化,而持续技术创新,化繁为简,将最前瞻、最尖端的科技融入设计时尚、精致的产品之中,专注为国际旅行、商务办公,提供性能最强、体验最佳的 商务旅行科技精品。

Zikko 公司 1998年成立于香港。我们致力于无线充电技术、微型激光高清成像技术、智能数据传输技术与互联网技术之间的结合应用,缔造出别具一格的智能全球旅行无线充电器、魔方微型激光投影仪、智能储存器等系列产品,其时尚的设计,令人爱不释手,不断成为多部电影采用的拍摄道具。重要的是,这些智能的产品,通过我们软件团队精心编写的App "外星世界”进行互联,不断地发挥更多、更大的性能。



  • 1998年、公司成立;
  • 2009年、严格采用ISO9001品质管理体系;
  • 2010年、Zikko(即刻)商标在中国香港、大陆、美国、欧洲等40多个国家、地区注册;
  • 2010年、Zikko 通过Apple"Made for iPhone"资格认证;
  • 2016年、与韩国SK telecom 战略合作共同设计和开发智能微型投影仪。
  • 2016年、与英特尔合作开发ThunderBolt 3数据传输产品。
  • 2017年、Zikko品牌产品首批通过intel"Thunderbolt 3"资格认证;
  • 2017年、Zikko品牌产品首批通过WPC(QI)无线充电联盟资格认证;
  • 2018年、PowerBag获得德国工业设计 IF 2018奖项。