The Related Information of Portable Power

1. What is portable power?

Portable power is a kind of power used to charge your equipment wherever and whenever without using desktop charger. It is similar with an additional battery.


2. What is Zikko EIP?

EIP ultra-shaped technology of Zikko can collect and transmit the power effectively and improve capability of large current output, and it is the core technical guarantee of small volume and continue strong electricity and fast speed and safety and durability for Zikko portable power!


3. What kind of electronic equipment can be compatible with Zikko portable power?

It can be compatible with most portable movable equipments with voltage lower than 19V such as mobile phone, smartphone, MP3/MP4, digital camera, digital vidicon, GPS, portable DVD, etc..


4. Why do I buy Zikko portable power?

Quality of Zikko product is guaranteed. It uses advanced technology to protect the electronic equipment. It is the most safe portable movable power source. Zikko provides a series of battery families which can be used for most electronic equipments with voltage of 5~19V.


5. What is the requirement of portable power for store environment?

Do not expose the battery in high temperature or severe cold condition. For example, when it is in dog days, do not put the phone in car to be basked by the sun (temperature inside the car can be more than 80℃); It is best to charge in room temperature. On the other hand, when using lithium battery, it maybe cannot ensure ideal service time and holding time of the phone. Battery shall be stored in a dry and dark place when it will not be used for a long time.